About us

“Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care”

At Opla Managementr, our aim is to do much more than providing outstanding research. We dig deep to uncover the insight that lie within the results. At Opla Investment Advisor, our aim is to do much more than providing outstanding research.

Commitment to Quality

Quality defines everything about our work, not just compliance with proper procedure but in our unwavering focus on engaging with the client needs and making sure these are reflected in all that we do.


We value our relationship with clients, respondents, colleagues and peers. Honesty and transparency are the foundations of all our relationship. Integrity underpins everything that we do.

Outstanding Research

From our base in Bangalore we work across India and more recently US & UK, in Financial sector as diverse as employee engagement and numerous B2B segment.

Our Expertise

We are a research house offering wide range of financial solutions to day traders, and investors. We also help individuals seeking financial support while they can focus on their business.

Our Work Areas Include

Provide Buy and Sell Recommendation

Personalized Service

Financial Management and Consulting

Create Comprehensive Client Portfolio

Appropriate Risk assessment

Provide Real Time Assistance

Advice and Assistance Investing

Domestic & Global Market Updates