Hidden Treasure:

Hidden Treasure is a Package which is specifically designed for Investors/ Traders who would like to earn strong Returns with no Leverage over a Short/Medium-Term Investment horizon. In this service first of all we identify a set of fundamentally sound companies which are potential stock with descent track record, better earning visibility & high liquidity. These set of stocks are regularly monitored and they remain under the observation of our research team. In case if any stock is ready to make a breakout move or showing symptom of descent upside based on our Technical Analysis,we recommend such stocks to our members of “Hidden Treasure”. In short, these calls are given only on fundamentally sound companies which are technically ready to make a descent up move.

Risk Type: Medium

Services Features:

• Comprises approximately 2-3 technical calls per month.

• Risk & Reward Ratio approximately 1:1.

• Daily support and resistance level update.

• Proper follow-ups and news information.

• Direct Mobile Number will be provided for complete live Support during market hours.

Select Your Package

Quarterly: ₹ 17,000/-

Half Yearly: ₹ 30,000/-

Yearly: ₹ 50,000/-