Stock Cash

Stock Cash is one of the oldest financial instruments in the stock market.  It is the preferred trading instrument for most trades in India because of its simplicity in understanding. In stock cash tips we provide our clients accurate and timely intra day best stock tips which drive them to make maximum profit from the equity market. Calls are given for NSE Stock Cash Traders. We give the calls and delivery of calls will be in Pre-opening session so that you get enough time to enter the trade and make maximum profit.

The risk involved in trading in Cash segment is little bit less when compared to trading in other segments.This is also one of our finest segments in which our research team has developed strong expertise over the years.We limit the total number of calls given, without compromising on Quality. We at The box & me set pre-defend targets and stop-loss, to normalize the trading strategy, for every recommendation based on the science of Technical Analysis.Based on our past performance, stock cash segment can yield a return of 15-20% on a monthly basis.As a complementary service, we also send the update of the World Markets and NIFTY and Bank NIFTY futures levels to all out paid clients.

Risk Management

Our risk management strategy is unmatched in the industry with a strong emphasis on booking consistent profits rather than taking huge risks and booking big losses.We provide a detailed trading strategy to all our paid customers so that they can be in sync with our trading guidelines.A thorough risk assessment of the customer is also done to ascertain the ideal services to trade in based on guidelines given by the regulator. A minimum capital of Rs.50, 000 is suggested in this service to take maximum advantage of the recommendations.The customer will also receive a service conformation mail with all details of the services mentioned for future reference.

Risk Type: Medium What you Get?

We will provide you around 2-3 Cash Market Calls Daily.Follow Ups & All Important News & Information.Nifty Review, Resistance & Support.Direct Mobile Number will be provided for Complete Support.

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Quarterly: ₹ 18,000

Half-Yearly: ₹ 30,000

Yearly: ₹ 60,000